Sunday, May 1, 2011

"If You Ask Me....I'm Ready"

At this point, I'm just about to be brutally honest.  Brutally honest to the point where I'm going to express myself in a way that I normally do not allow myself to do.  As uncomfortable as this feels, someone has to hear it.


Last year I met an amazing soul.
We were rather good friends & I could feel that we had a deep connection as well as chemistry.
& I honestly think that this guy was feeling me (or somewhere along the lines of that)
Too damn bad I realized all of this after the fact....
After the fact that we have now grown apart.
At the time, I was blind.
I only saw what was in front of me & I didn't even bother to look deeper.
Maybe I'm shallow.....

Honestly, now I don't even know where we stand.
We are both so damned stubborn & full of pride.
Of course, I'm just a frustrated & confused girl.
I really just want this to be over because I'm like this:
Either you wanna be my friend or let's be nothing. (Of course maybe we could be more than that)
But I guess what I'm trying to say is that, give me all of you or nothing AT ALL.
No half way.
No wishy-washy.
No half-ass B.S.

The saddest part of all this is that it's already been long- over due, yet I still feel this way.
So maybe I need to express this to you personally.
Because nothing is going to change...
IDK why everytime I hear that Alicia Keys song "Unthinkable" I think of you.
IDK why you totally are not my type, but you absolutely are my type in every way.
& IDK why I see you the way that I see you:
As a man with so much potential, intelligence, strong, & MY FRIEND.
Sadly, you are only a fair-weather friend though.
What I need is a stable friend.
One who will answer my calls, texts, & possibly thinks that the world revolves around me (lol).
But I don't really know if you can be that; so in other words, my time & emotions are things I will never get back.
I can't swallow my pride enough to tell you this though, & I probably never will.
For one, there is a fear of rejection.
So Mr. Anonymous, I guess you shall never know.

        Your Warmsugavanilla

"A Breath of Fresh Air"

 What a beautiful Easter I shared with my precious family :)  I hope you all did the same!  This above picture is my little sister (Jaylon) & I after church.  They say we look alike....but I don't see it haha.

SN: I love that amazing moment when you are truly worshiping God & thanking him for all of his many blessings & all of a sudden, you come to tears.  Tears of joy, tears of relief, tears of knowing that you are loved unconditionally by a Man who wants nothing more than the BEST for you & for ME:)  We have the love of God.
 I absolutely hate this picture of myself, but I adore it only because my niece looks precious.  She is growing so fast!
This is her little sailor-girl outfit:)
It's so incredible to watch her as she grows....& as she grows so much of her personality has begun to show & she is blossoming:)  She is truly the sweetest thing xoxo.

OAN: Classes are over & let me say that this has been the most difficult time for me not only for school, but LIFE as well.  S T R E S S  is the best way to describe it.  The pressure & struggles from work & let's not forget about my Kia have caused me to loose focus & possibly even my motivation.  But I REFUSE to let anyone take my joy away from me, & I also refuse to let anyone define me.  Only God defines me.  This Summer will be me climbing back to the top.  It will be me "Moving mountains"......& me jumping over hurdles.  I will ENDURE.  I am STRONG.  I am FAITH:)

        Your Warmsugavanilla

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Yell-o beautiful people.  I am so very sorry for depriving you of posts and with that being said, I do apologize sincerely.  Lately it has been all work and no play, and quite frankly it has been stressful as well.  Anywho (why do I love to use that word so much?),  I am so very excited and confused at the same time because I have a very important decision to make soon.  One in which is based on my career!

So here it goes, for a while I have been considering adding Fashion Merchandising as a minor to my Marketing major.  So today I actually walked to the Human Sciences building and spoke with an advisor who encouraged me to major in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Marketing and Business Administration.  As of now, I am in between a rock and a hard place.  But, I shall pray about it and I know that God will lead me down the right path.  I know that its a matter of what I am passionate about and what I truly want to do in the future.

  As the end of the month rolls in, it brings many things to my remeberance which allow me to leave you with these various tips:

1.  If you are a female, NEVER go see a mechanic without a male on your side because sadly, most mechanics do try and take advantage of you like they did me when I was having some work done on my Kia.

2.  To-Do Lists are life savers!  They will keep you both organized and focused.  My good friend Ash inspired me to make them daily.

3. Don't wait until the night before an exam to study!.....unless you are some sort of Wizard lol.

4. Remember that patience is a virtue and it is one of the best characteristics that one can have.

5. Always stay encouraged....if you don't encourage yourself , then who do you expect to encourage you?

         You Warmsugavanilla :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Because I Say It's In!

One of my favorite trends of this season are definately the Hammer pants:)  They have been seen all over the red carpet by our favorite celebs, so here are a few inspirational ideas:

The trend setter Rihanna rocks the Hammers with a fitted mid-drift tank and black vest; but lets not look over the Cheetah print shoes.  FLY is really the only word I can find to describe this outfit.  This is a great oufit for the Spring & Summer as a day look :)

My fashion icon Kim K. on the other hand brings the Hammers to a night look by putting a teal blouse which makes the look slightly more dressy.

My other favorite trend for this season is the Floral-Flower Shoppe Look.  It's very Spring & Summery which is created by the flowers & fresh-looking ceamy colors!
Oh the damn thing.
Beyonce's Floral wasted shorts are very Spring :)
The floral legging can be put with a simple tunic!    The floral is just so feminine & girly :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

"9 In the Afternoon"

Yet another beautiful Sunday :)  I hope that everyone has had a terrific and productive week, as well as weekend! 

This weekend was unforgettable for 2 reasons, well really 3:


Part I.  New Buys ;)

 You can never have too many black dresses...that is for sure ;)
Steve Madden dress found at Ross for only $18.00...STEAL!

 Hat & glasses found at Claire's: Hat-$16.00 & glasses-$8.50
I quote my little sister "Grandad called & he says he wants his shoes back!" lol
Shoes- $40.00 at Journey's.

Ash & I.

Part II.  My Little Niece's First Trip to The Park!  YAY!

 These are my two nieces Kyla (1 years old) & Dayza (7 years old).

Kyla's first swing ride!  She laughed & kicked the whole entire time :)

Part III.  What I enjoy most is.....

1. Spending lots of time with my nieces.  I really want them to know me on a personal level to where there is comfort; comfort so that when they are older they can talk to me about any and everything.  Also, I want to be a good role model for them so they won't have to look else where for advice & ideas, etc.

2.  Shopping by myself.  Many others may disagree, but sometimes I find my best pieces by shopping alone.  My mind is clear & I am very relaxed...(especially when I have a look in my head that is dying to be illustrated).

3.  Being kind-hearted to those who need me.  I love to give others advice, shoulders to lean & cry on, & anything else that I can lend out :)  I believe that this is how God blesses us; by helping others.  When you are a blessing to others, God will give you devine favor (and there is nothing greater than that).

I hope everyone has a productive & inspirational week.  Love, Peace, & Happiness :) xoxox
                                                                                         -Faith, your warmsugavanilla

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Sunday :)

Happy Sunday to everyone :)  Today is a beautiful day & sadly I will be at work for most of it and studying, but that's ok because I'll prolly end up going running when I get off or do some studying on my balcony!  Anywho, I hope everyone has had a great and relaxing weekend.  My weekend wasn't very relaxing because ALL of it was spent by me slaving at my retail job, but at least I have a job huh? 

So on Fridays I have one class (9-9:50) & then I'm done.  My mom has been keeping my niece so when I got home I decided that we would enjoy the weather a little bit until one (which is when I had to go to work).

I love Kyla.  She just turned one on the 15th of this month and right now we are working with her on walking.  My neighbor Vanessa's mother in law Miss Ruby told us to pray over her legs and rub them down and she should be walking in no time.  With that being said, Miss Ruby touched Kyla's legs and she took a few steps in the grass.  Miss Ruby also told me to repeat Psalms 37:4

Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Step into MY SPACE

Hey guys!  I truly hope that everyone has had a wonderful weekend and is refreshed and encouraged to be going into a new week.  A brand new week to reach goals, inspire, encourage, and be a blessing to others :)
Anywho, today I wanted to show you all a few of the pieces that I have in my room.  I recently moved into a bigger home with my family and I decided that I wanted to get my "grown women" on, so I wanted to step away from the girlie-girl and bright colors for a little bit and reveal more of my sophisticated side.  I was originally inspired to have a Paris theme room....and then I thought that it would be impossible for me to pull it off because I had never actually seen the idea, but with the help of my dear friend Kala, we went shopping and found a few pieces and ever since, I have been adding more and more to feel the large space.

My bedding I purchased from has a nice velvet feel.  It was under a $100.
I LOVE lots of pillows on my bed!  Great for both comfort and appearance.

These are actually the first things I bought for my room & is also where my inspiration came from. Tuesday Morning for $7.00 & under depending on size.
Both the clock and picture were found at Ross.

The picture of Audrey was found at Dollar General for $10.00 & the Paris book I found at Ross also.
These are my shower curtains which are really just window curtains...they give my bathroom & bedroom a romantic and sophistatication feel.

This bustier is actually a lamp which I also found at Ross.
And lastly, these pictures were $.99 each at a local store here that we call Dirt Cheap lol.  They were gifts from my mother.
So guys, I bought these shoes sometime around the end of las year's Summer & I haven't worn them yet.  I am very excited for the upcoming Spring & Summer so I was wondering if you guys had an idea of what I can put with them??

 This is one of my favorite pieces to wear during the Summer.  I normally wear this to both work & class.  I found it for like $10.00 or possibly cheaper from a local consignment store.
 This is my ultimate BABY!  She was a Christmas gift from my dear friend Ne'....just so ya'll know, I'm obsessed with CHEETAH & LEOPARD!
& lastly, I bought this from a local's off the shoulder & is slightly mid-drift with  sweatshirt texture.  Very comfotable & I have yet to wear it.  Any ideas???

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

These are a Few of My Favorite Things....

1. Chapstick is AMAZING especially during the winter season when your lips constantly get chaped.  I like to wear mine under any gloss I use for a smoother appearance.(About $2.00 at drugstores)
2. Peach Twist blush by MAC is what I use everyday.  It gives a fresh look and you can use it for both a day and night look as well. (about $12.00 at MAC counters or online)
3. Oil blotters by Mary Kay are very useful for those of us who have oily skin and get shiny during the day.  It is a quick and easy way to get rid of oil without messing up makeup. ($5.00 from your Mary Kay consultant)
 4. I use the Aveeno Clear Complexion bar twice a day.  It is very reliable to use on blemishes and dries them up very quickly. (about 3 or $4.00) at drugstores)
5. Commander and Chic by Sally Hanson has been my favorite shade for this fall and winter, and honestly I'll probably be still sporting it this spring and summer.  No lie, I have gotten so many compliments!  What I also enjoy about it is that it is part of the complete manicure collection so you don't have to put a clear coat on top and the brush is shaped just like a real paint brush so it gets every corner of the fingernail. (about $7.00 at drugstores)

When All That's Left Has Gone Away...

I am very excited right about now for two reasons: One, there is possibly going to be a snow day. Two, I have finally gotten to show off my new little black dress which I purchased from a local consignment store this week for only $17. 00.  Also as you can see, I adore my owls!  I'm sure you all know that they are totally in this season, and I find them to be very chic.  I also decided to change my look up a bit by putting a black rinse in my hair and darkening up my lips with a black cherry gloss.  Anywho, as I looked out into my backyard I knew that I had to be apart of this beautiful snowy eve.  I titled this entry after "Look What You've Done" by JET.  The lyrics "when all that's left has gone away" reminds me so much of the snow because when it first falls its flawless and beautiful but it begins to melt and before you know it it has vanished.  Just as the snow melts and fades away, so do many of our relationships and friendships with the people who God has placed in our lives for only a season.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kyla will be 1 this month on the 15th :)

Kyla after her 30 minute nap (lol).....enjoy ;)
SN: Kyla is the absolute love of my life and I cherish her very much.  She's makes my whole world light up everytime I see her. (I'm her favorite Aunt btw).