Wednesday, February 9, 2011

When All That's Left Has Gone Away...

I am very excited right about now for two reasons: One, there is possibly going to be a snow day. Two, I have finally gotten to show off my new little black dress which I purchased from a local consignment store this week for only $17. 00.  Also as you can see, I adore my owls!  I'm sure you all know that they are totally in this season, and I find them to be very chic.  I also decided to change my look up a bit by putting a black rinse in my hair and darkening up my lips with a black cherry gloss.  Anywho, as I looked out into my backyard I knew that I had to be apart of this beautiful snowy eve.  I titled this entry after "Look What You've Done" by JET.  The lyrics "when all that's left has gone away" reminds me so much of the snow because when it first falls its flawless and beautiful but it begins to melt and before you know it it has vanished.  Just as the snow melts and fades away, so do many of our relationships and friendships with the people who God has placed in our lives for only a season.


  1. Ooolalal I love the dress. You are so brave for being out in the snow. But the back ground works for the style of the dress.

    Love it. ^_^

    And do you go to Morgan State University?

  2. Haha thanks girl! It was very cold....but beautiful. I attend Mississippi State University...which you prolly haven't heard of lol.