Friday, February 4, 2011

Yet Another Friday Night.....

Hello Beautiful World,

It is almost 12 AM on a Friday night ( yet another Friday night) & I am in my warm & cozy bed with my laptop open while watching reruns of Degrassi.  The things I could be doing right now: studying for 1 of the 2 tests I have next week, drinking strawberry daiquiris with 2 of my friends girls at their apartment, or being curled up in a ball sleep.  Out of all those wonderful events, the one I would enjoy doing the most is not on the list.  I would actually rather be "boo-ed" up as my friends would say (lol).  For those of you who have not heard this term before, it means to be with that special someone whom you are fond of, whom you may love, that person who makes you feel special.  Anywho, I am not "boo-ed" up tonight, and honestly I can not recall a time when I have been.  But I figure that it is a new year, and maybe this year will be the year that I can spend my nights cuddled up and watching TV with someone special, someone who will surprise me with lunch while I'm at work, someone who possibly thinks the world revolves around me; God knows I want someone whom I can show off my clothes to because I grow tiresome of starring at all of them hanging in my closet with price tags still attached.  But until then, I will continue to wait patiently as well as bettering myself and finding who I truly am; as should WE ALL.
XoXo- Faith,
                      your Warmsugavanilla ;)

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